Johan Rosa

Notas de un tipo con inquietudes

Stackoverflow: User inputs for Rmarkdown without shiny

This was the title of a stackOverflow questinon that I answered. The user needed interactivity without shiny as dependency. This is something that can be done but you need to know a little of JavaScript or use a very specific package like {crosstalk}. I do not think there is another way to get it done. With that in mind I gave him an option, maybe not exactly what he was looking for, but a useful one.

Reacciones en documentos Rmarkdown con JavaScript

Un post para los que luego de iniciar a aprender Rmarkdown han incursionado en el mudo de html, css y js. Este post es una guia para aquellos que desean llevar sus documentos al siguiente nivel usando elementos básicos de la programación web.